Zulu is the most widely spoken black language in South Africa. It is rich in culture, expressions, comparisons and interpretations.

So why don’t we learn the language so we can better communicate with Zulu speakers around us? Besides it being a sign of respect to speak a person’s language, there is nothing more rewarding than to see the response you get from Zulu speakers who recognize that you can and are trying to speak their language. 

A parent’s influence is important. Children learn by example. If we want our children to learn a language, we need to make more effort to do so ourselves.  It’s never too late to learn. Learn together. Practice speaking alongside your children. Children will be encouraged to speak if they see you trying to converse with Zulu speakers, even if it’s only by way of simple greetings. There will be many willing helpers to correct and encourage you along the way. Remember practice makes perfect.

Help at Hand offers a range of beginner friendly material aimed at teaching communicative Zulu, irrespective of whether you are adult or child.  There are 8 simple, child-friendly readers which introduce the basics of communicating in Zulu. Master the vocabulary and simple sentence structures in them and you have the tools to start a conversation with people you meet every day. Have a look at the range in our shop right here – click this link

Make a start. It will go a long way.

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