Unleashing creativity in our children

We live at a time where creative, original thinking is dangerously low. And yet we need exactly this thinking to solve our individual, community, organisational and global challenges and create a sustainable future.” – Tania de Jong (award-winning social entrepreneur)

Based on this insight, one could argue that creativity needs to be nurtured and encouraged in young children in order for them to become the ‘thought pioneers’ of tomorrow. Creative thinkers of the future may be the solution to many of the problems we face in our world today.

Every child has the potential to be creative and therefore the school curriculum needs to provide opportunities to enhance creativity. Schools need to encourage experimentation. Children need to be brave and take risks. Children need to understand that it is okay to fail, as it opens the window to opportunity.  In the lower grades, we need to focus more on process and less on results.

How do we achieve this?

Children need time and space to explore their creative talent. The school curriculum should embrace this exploration, allowing for a “Creative Space” for learning. Baking, science experiments, box construction and problem solving exercises are some of the activities that happen in these creative spaces.

However, this exciting journey of imagination, originality and resourcefulness can and should begin at home and are vital elements of a child’s educational journey. We, as parents and educators need to make time to explore creative activities with our children.

The Result?

Creative children – who are flexible, adapt more easily to change and have the ability to turn challenges into opportunities.  I am sure you will agree that we want this for our children, so that they become the best version of themselves and thereby make a difference in our world?

Carol-Anne Conradie – Head of Junior Primary at

Durban Girls’ College

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