Recycling at home

Recycling at home is not difficult. It just takes a little thought and effort. And then it becomes a good habit.

• Involve the whole family, including your domestic worker. Use the Recycling Checklist and place it in

the kitchen where everyone can see what to recycle.

• Get separate containers, bins, buckets, boxes or garbage bags (which can be emptied and reused) for the different waste streams.

• Make space for your recycling containers/bins in the kitchen or you could place them outside your backdoor or in your garage. Keep them covered, away from rain, and clean.


• Separate your recyclable materials from your general waste.

• Use separate bins, bags, boxes, packets or other containers for the different products.



      cans (metal)


      general waste (not for recycling).This can be your kitchen bin.

• Avoid putting recyclables into general waste thinking you’ll separate later. This will contaminate the recyclables. Separate them immediately.

• Rinse the glass, cans, and plastic containers from food or cleaning products before putting them into the recycling bin/s. This will ensure that your recyclables don’t start to smell, and it decreases the contamination of the materials for recycling.

• Squash plastic, tins and boxes prior to putting them in the relevant bin. Squashing means that less space is taken up, and more material can be transported in one go, lessening transport costs and emissions.

Drop Off

Some municipalities have recycling collection depots at some of their refuse centres, and there are a number of buy-back centres throughout the country.

• Contact your local municipality to find out the closest depot to you

• Find out if local shopping centres, schools, community centres or places of worship have collection bins. Some may have bins as a means of fundraising and your waste can be of further assistance.

• Wait until you have enough waste to maximise your journey and minimise your petrol costs.

Article courtesy of GREENWORKS

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