Mr Tickles

Mr Tickles is a family owned store and retails traditional toys and games with a strong focus on education. The early childhood years are crucial to children’s development and we are passionate about facilitating cognitive and physical development through play.

Most of a child’s brain development occurs after birth and when children play, the brain is stimulated through the connection between nerve cells. Children learn to communicate emotions, to think, be creative, and solve problems.

Most parents find it difficult to balance work and home schedules. Sadly, little time is found for playing with or reading to their children. Children are engaging in far too much screen time, depriving them of healthy outdoor and imaginative play.

Children need to

• play with their siblings, family members and their peers in order to learn social skills

• listen to music, sing along, or play rhythm instruments to help them listen for and recognize patterns in music which will assist with the assimilation of maths skills.

• run, jump, skip and climb to develop gross motor skills

• paint, draw and engage in role play to develop creativity

• lace beads, paint, draw, cut and use play dough to develop fine motor skills

• build puzzles and play board games to assist with problem solving.

Every child deserves to reach his full potential. Spend quality time with your child and invest in his/her future success. Our toys will bring lots of joy to the whole family.

You can find our shops @ La Lucia (064 651 2989),

Kensington Square (076 708 7878) and on

Facebook at

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