As parents and teachers, we share the responsibility for the education of the children in our care. Here are some responses/aspects that we could expect from one another:

Parental Responsibilities:

  • Communication is paramount. Make an appointment to discuss your concerns in depth. Incidental chats at shops or social evenings are never fruitful.
  • Meet your commitments; return your correctly completed reply slips timeously.
  • Check and sign homework books daily.
  • Be careful not to negatively discuss the school or your child in front of him/her. It can cause mistrust in the school and affect self worth and confidence.
  • Meet your financial requirements and if unable to do so, communicate this to the school so satisfactory arrangements can be made.
  • If some kind of professional intervention is suggested, it’s in your child’s best interest. Calmly consider the teacher’s observations and explore their recommendations before making a decision.
  • Don’t be part of the problem, be part of the solution. Gossiping about the school and the way things are done exacerbates the problem.


The School shall:

  • Employ fully qualified teachers.
  • Provide a safe, caring yet challenging learning environment to suit all learners –

stimulating, motivating and extending every child towards age-appropriate skills.

  • Be respectful and fair in dealing with each child – helping each to reach his/her full potential.
  • Inform parents of their child’s progress via interviews as well as written reports.
  • Communicate with the parent if there is a concern about any aspect of their child’s progress.
  • Communicate effectively and timeously to parents about any school events.
  • Be professional at all times regarding dress code, speech, and behaviour.

Contributed by:

Barbara Daniel, Principal

St Martin’s Pre-Primary School

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