Recently – rumour has it that Grade 1 learners will have to learn an indigenous language as from 2016.

Teaching materials are currently being developed and tested in pilot schools around KZN.

One can only wait and see whether schools will get the necessary funding for staff and the resources needed for this 3rd language teaching – and how schools will find the time on their time-tables in order to do justice to this extra subject .

In KZN, children as well as adults should be open to learning basic communicative Zulu language skills. What, therefore, can we, as parents, do to help our children to speak Zulu?. The quickest way to learn to remember Zulu vocabulary is to associate it with the picture rather than many translations. It is important to learn this language through visual and auditory association. The games, cd’s and readers below aim to do just that.

The best way, as parents, to help facilitate opportunities for our children to practice Zulu Additional Language, is to ask Zulu-speaking friends and colleagues, domestic workers, shop attendants, etc. to converse in simple terms with your child – so that he/she becomes familiar with the correct pronunciation and use of a word. The Zulu’s are a proud nation – and thus are always very helpful to anyone who indicates an interest in their language and culture.


Newly released by Firefly Education – Vanessa Mottram

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