Swimming is regarded as one of the most versatile sports when it comes to physical development. It therefore is one of the most important sports any child should take part in from an early age.

Plus-points for Swimming as an Early Activity for Children:

Water safety: As a toddler, a child needs to develop an understanding of water safety and a respect for the water. If swimming becomes a regular activity – a child generally develops a real passion for water-sport.

Floating – and breathing: This technique can save a toddler’s life!

Breathing technique: The sooner a child can relax and enjoy the water, the sooner he/she can learn to breathe normally and without fear when in the water.

Stroke techniques: Once the child has locked into the pleasures of being in the water then it is the task of the swimming instructor to begin to instill stroke techniques. These skills help a child to develop a feel for the water and become a confident swimmer.

Body Core and Muscle Strength: Mastering the basics of all the strokes in the water builds muscle strength – and is vital for a child taking part in any sport they decide to pursue.

Life-long Physical Fitness: The core fitness and physique development that an active swimmer develops before adolescence will lay the foundation for their physical fitness, for the rest of their life.

Cardio-vascular health: There are tremendous benefits to one’s overall cardio vascular system, in having regular swimming sessions.

Minimal Injuries: It is a non- impact sport so injuries are few and far between.


Cliff Lyne – Action Swim Coach

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