Mart Meij, author and teacher, introduces us to her new Spelling Made Fun Workbook Series.

As a teacher of many years standing, I have seen an increasing need for children who are learning to spell, in their home language or in a second language, to learn to spell in a fun way so that the words are acquired, remembered and the meaning clearly understood. Hence the development of these workbooks which can be used in the classroom and at home.

The New All- In-One Spelling Made Fun Workbooks for Grade 1, 2 & 3 will encourage children to learn to spell and work with sounds! These workbooks comprise cards, board and movement games with the prescribed sounds as well as sight and spelling words, spelling rules and lists with spelling/sight words.

It contains step by step guidelines for the teacher or parent to play the games.

When spelling is taught using innovative games filled with movement and action, the children in Grade 1, 2 & 3 will approach the task with joy and excitement and will not get bored or feel defeated. Teaching of spelling by way of games will engage children as well as parents and teachers.

The Grade 1 Workbook pays attention to the acquisition of the different sounds, and the reading and writing of spelling words that contain these sounds. The first 110 high-frequency sight words are practiced.

The Grade 2 Workbook revises the prescribed sounds for Grade 1 with numerous games, through which the learner will playfully discover the sounds prescribed for Grade 2. The first 200 high-frequency

sight words and the first spelling rules are taught.

The Grade 3 Workbook briefly revises the prescribed sounds and spelling for Grade 1 and 2, and then moves on to games dealing with syllabification, plurals, apostrophe and the spelling rules prescribed for Grade 3. The effortless recognition and writing of the first 300 high-frequency sight words are practiced.

NOTE: These workbooks are also available in Afrikaans.


MORE about the author

Mart Meij was a Foundation Phase teacher and a lecturer at the College for Further Education in Pretoria. She is an Early Childhood Development expert. Since retirement, she focuses on compiling textbooks and resources for Foundation Phase learners and teachers.

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