CROW- Centre for Rehabilitation of Wildlife is investing in the education of young minds, instilling the value of Wildlife Rehabilitation & Conservation

CROW is one of South Africa’s longest serving wildlife rehabilitation centres that offers a second chance to wild animals throughout the KZN province. Every year, CROW rescues, rehabilitates and releases over 4000 orphaned, injured and displaced wildlife animals. CROW aims to provide life-saving care and treatment for wildlife in need, with a firm foot in conservation best practices.

As a registered non-profit organisation, CROW does not receive any government support or subsidies and is therefore 100% reliant on donations from the public to continue its lifesaving work in wildlife conservation and protection.

CROW’s vision is to be an independent, pioneering force in the rehabilitation and conservation of orphaned and injured wildlife, while promoting the preservation of their natural habitat. We aim to achieve this vision by educating communities and equipping them with the knowledge needed to protect our natural resources and wildlife with an entrenched philosophy of working with honesty, commitment and passion. Collaboration with the public and all stake holders is crucial as continuous climate and environmental changes are happening daily as well as the effect of the ever-growing urban sprawl.

To ensure that the KZN province buys-in and understands the importance of biodiversity, educating our communities must start with our youth. Understanding biodiversity helps to give children a holistic view on conservation which is the fundamental building block in creating a more environmentally conscious society, starting from the ground up. This also has a ripple effect inspiring the

culture of working together to solve big problems and holding oneself accountable for the impact we have on the finite resources our planet has to offer.

CROW’s Environmental Education Officer, Nompilo Ngcobo explains: “Once an understanding of nature and wildlife conservation has been achieved, we find that the children we engage with, think in a less self-interested manner and begin to cultivate an altruistic view on conservation. It is our hope as an organisation, that these children encourage their peers by leading by example and serve as ambassadors for conservation for future generations.”

Without preserving the richness of biodiversity and inspiring the collected efforts of our societies, we have a grim fate ahead of us. While we may be able to mitigate some issues with main stream science, the fact remains, once something is gone, it’s gone, it may be able to be replicated in some fashion, but nothing can substitute life and all it’s different forms and glory.

Every individual should play their role in protecting the diversity of life and natural ecosystems. It is small actions such as recycling, taking interest in indigenous gardening, or just picking up a piece of litter instead of throwing it on the ground, that collectively makes a difference in protecting our wild animals and natural habitats.


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