Chantel Venter of Clubventure Ballito encourages parents to engage in memorable family time – outdoors.

Most of us are busier than ever, with work, school, projects, social events and an ever-growing to-do list. Sometimes we can lose sight of what is truly important… family time. Outdoor family adventuring is a creative way to spend family time together, doing fun things and building a strong family identity.

Outdoor adventuring also provides a great opportunity to step back and watch your children grow and learn more about their own abilities and interests. The health benefits are numerous; playing out in the fresh air, getting the heart rate up through physical activity, strengthening core muscles as well as the mental stimulation that team challenges and activities activate in our brains. Benefits that can be enjoyed by the entire family, young and old.

There are all kinds of adventure activities available and many of these activities will challenge children to move out of their comfort zones. When the initial fear is overcome, it enables children to develop a healthy self-esteem and a positive mindset by teaching them that they are capable of facing any challenges they may encounter. Outdoor adventuring can provide fun activities that allow families to relax in a different environment, away from the every day stresses of life.

It is important to encourage children from a young age to try new things and explore new skills. This provides a good foundation for them in adulthood. When outdoor adventuring with your children, it is imperative to be positive as your children will only venture out if they feel that you are comfortable with the adventure too. When encouraging your children to do new things, always ensure that this is done in a safe environment. This will give them the confidence to try new adventures but also the ability to understand that safety first, is key, in any outdoor adventure activity.

I would like to encourage parents to take every opportunity to engage in outdoor adventure activities with your families and so create stories and make memories that will last a lifetime.


Chantel Venter (Clubventure)


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