Today, more and more emphasis is being place on the creative side of a child’s development. Colleen Tatz shares her years of experience in the field of drama, focusing on the development of essential life-skills.

Many children struggle with a poor self-esteem.  This can lead to an inability to express themselves clearly.  They may speak indistinctly, answer in incomplete sentences and maintain poor eye contact during conversations or discussions.

A good drama school will provide children with a comprehensive programme designed to increase confidence, self-esteem, communication skills and creative talents.  Through carefully constructed, progressive, drama activities, in a fun-filled environment, young people are able to develop clear, articulate speech, a fluent delivery and the ability to converse and discuss in a creative manner.  These skills will equip children to face the challenges of our complex world with confidence, especially in the area of communication.

Activities include the following:

  • Speech:  Speech development focuses on projection, articulation and expression to ensure effective communication.
  • Movement:  Exploring the body through characterization, gestures and movement skills.  Mime to movement encourages students to tell a story using only their bodies.
  • Creative Improvisation:  An important dramatic aspect of a drama curriculum; students perform whole class improvisations and scenes, dialogues and monologues.
  • Presentations and Productions: These are vital as students learn to use their skills in front of an audience.

The aim is to tap into the child’s natural interests and channel these to develop confident children who will readily cope with the expectations of their expanding world.

Colleen Tatz – Drama Specialist
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