Parents, when you think back and remember the highlights of your school days, chances are that your annual school tour or camp excursion is top of that list!  The excitement of going on tour; no Mom or Dad in sight; re-enacting the multiple escapades with family and friends at weekend braai’s – is just pure adrenalin and excitement revisited!  Wally Pelser from The Ventures Group, shares some insights into the intrinsic value of these experiences.

Going on tour is an essential part of every child’s educational development process. Interestingly, in the age where formal education is leaning more towards a neuro-science and holistic learning experience, which allows students to develop at their own pace and learn from their experiences – this has been done for decades in the Outdoor Adventure Education and Leadership Development Industry!

Schools work hand in hand with reputable and experienced providers to design outdoor programmes and excursions that are carefully tailored to be age appropriate on both an intellectual level and according to the abilities and specific limitations of the participants. Ensuring the utmost safety and achievable challenges, activities are tools used to convey   important lessons that are remembered and embraced.

On camp, students build relationships, learn to excel or fail at activities or tasks and learn from others in what may be previously unknown territory.  Their self-esteem grows, which boosts their confidence and ability to take on challenges, while achieving the impossible in a new environment that has endless healthy benefits!  Everyone excels at their own pace and the outdoors is a great classroom with no limitations.  The promotion and development of strong leadership skills, teamwork, emotional intelligence, communication skills and adventure are an essential part of these camps.

Sadly, for many parents the cost in today’s economy and the perception of safety or abilities of our children restricts participation.  Parents are encouraged to take a leap of faith, overcome that restrictive web of fear and trust their school’s ability to engage with professionals and reputable venues that will ensure an experience that is life changing, creating new horizons for our future leaders.

It is recommended that schools and parents engage in a thorough screening of their providers and specific course content for each age group, to ensure that the most is achieved from each experience whether it is at another venue or on the school premises.

Excursions should be held at accredited venues with valid and appropriate qualifications of providers, statutory regulations in place, risk assessments and approved equipment with proper and relevant activity insurance, allowing for peace of mind and an unforgettable experience that cannot be measured in rand value.

South Africa has so much to offer in terms of natural beauty and a wide variety of experiences at stunning venues that are still very affordable and accessible.

We look forward to seeing you out there soon!

The Ventures Group
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