Help at Hand Education – Trusted Resources for Parents

As parents, we are constantly asking ourselves, what is best for our child?  Faced with challenging decisions every day, and a confusing array of options, we are not always sure of the correct solution. But help is at hand…

Help at Hand Education has been developed by Educational Specialists who are also parents, to assist parents and guardians to make informed Educational choices for their children.  We understand that each child is unique and there is a special fit for each individual be it a sports coach, audiologist, school or educational game.

Through our help@hand Guide and Directory as well as our links to relevant Information, Workshops, Expos and Educational Products, we hope to provide you with trusted resources and knowledge-backed information to make your child’s and your journey easier to navigate.

The areas we focus on include: Schools, Academics & Remedial, Sports & Adventure, Culture & Crafts, Technology, Social Responsibility, Health & Wellbeing and relevant Supplies & Services.